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Experience microbiology on a macro scale.

Get to Know Us

Discover how USBL can help you produce quality products for the Biotech industry in our innovative, customized facility. Whether you are a global or intermediate-sized customer, we are here to help you grow. We pride ourselves on personalized solutions that allow us to cater to your specific fermentation and recovery needs

“We consider fermentation
to be an art.”


Let us help with the microbe-management. 


We have the know-how you need. 

With over 100 years of combined experience in industrial fermentations, we are confident in our ability to optimize the performance of your microbial projects while keeping costs competitive. We consider fermentation to be an art, and our expertise covers a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, and molds. You can expect more from USBL.


We will make your job easier

By outsourcing your production to us, you can save on capital costs, eliminate the hassle of process development, maintain proprietary and trade secret protocols, avoid production issues, and deliver your products with confidence. Our flexible scheduling allows for “just in time” processing, and our streamlined process and specialized equipment enables us to respond quickly to your needs. Plus, you will have direct access to our team of experienced scientists who will be handling your process.


It’s all about you.

At USBL, we prioritize maximizing product recovery at every step of the process. We work closely with each client to ensure proper packaging & labeling, storage, and shipping of their unique products. Our flexibility and expertise in scale-up, bioprocess development, and engineering guarantee optimal performance for your process using cost-efficient methods and personalized solutions. 


Got questions? 

We are here to help.

Our business is to keep your business growing.

Tell us about your unique fermentation requirements and we’ll develop a personalized protocol that works for product and processing schedule.


If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact us.


Who we work with

We maintain confidentiality with all our customers and their unique products.  With that said, we are proud to partner with industry leaders in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and petrochemical segments.   

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